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Privacy Notice for Practice of Dr Nigel Kellow

This document relates to information stored and processed by the medical practice of Dr Nigel Kellow.

What we store

Dr Kellow’s practice is run on a paperless basis and as such we do not store paper copies containing any information relating to patients or referrals. All of the information collated by the practice is stored on HCA DGL Practice Manager. On DGL, the following information is stored:

• Personal information i.e. names, dates of birth, addresses, contact numbers and emails.

• Details of insurance policies held by patients currently under the care of Dr Kellow.

• We do not store credit/debit card details unless we have written permission to do so. Where applicable these are stored on an encrypted server by DGL.

• Details of appointments/procedures performed by Dr Kellow.

• All medical notes that are taken by us, including operation notes

• Referral letters, both those sent to us or those sent by us.

• Clinic and procedure letters

• Clinic and procedure letters sent to Dr Kellow by other consultants, General Practitioners and Physiotherapists relating to Dr Kellow’s patients.

• Imaging reports following MRI scans, CT Scans, X-ray reports on occasions when these have been requested by Dr Kellow.

We do not store any other medical or personal information.

Emails relating to patient care sent to Dr Kellow’s Practice by patients are inserted to the patient file on DGL and deleted from the email inbox.

We do not store any correspondence not sent either directly to or copied to Dr Kellow. Any paper correspondence received relating to patients is scanned directly onto DGL and securely shredded immediately.

All correspondence is sent password protected/encrypted if emailed or by Royal Mail when posted. We will occasionally send unencrypted emails containing personal information but only when requested by the patient and when in receipt of written permission to do so by the patient.

All information is stored securely on the HCA computer system, as stated above. These are all password protected and can only be accessed by authorised members of staff. For further information on how the information is stored, please contact HCA IT&S - and DGL Practice Manager - Passwords are kept secure and not shared with anyone including other members of staff.

We do not share any information with third parties unless clearly instructed to do so by the patient. Third parties would include other consultants and their secretaries, hospital theatre departments, hospital booking/reservation departments, hospital radiology departments, General Practitioners, Physiotherapists, Hydrotherapy departments, insurance companies/any third party sponsor dealing with payment for treatment or any other party deemed necessary in the course of treatment.

We store this to ensure that all medical decisions and treatment prescribed are as informed as possible and to ensure optimum patient safety. It is important that the staff involved in patient care are kept fully informed.

No data is stored by self-employed medical secretaries or IT providers.

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