Back & neck pain

Nearly everyone gets back or neck pain from time to time, especially as they get older. The majority of back and neck problems can be managed with simple treatments, such as over-the-counter painkillers and appropriate exercises where indicated, but it is important to identify potentially important back and neck problems as early as possible.

Serious back and neck problems do not go away with these simple measures and if you don’t get them assessed, diagnosed and treated early they can become a major problem. If you have what you think is a simple mechanical back or neck problem, have a look at our exercise videos.

However, if your problem does not settle down quickly or if you think you have a more serious back or neck problem please get in touch with us straightaway. We don’t perform spinal surgery but if we think you need it we wont hesitate to refer you to a specialist spinal or neurosurgeon. Our expertise is in helping people avoid the need for surgery on their neck or back and if you think you might need some help please get in touch with us to book your consultation with our spine and pain specialists.

Back & neck pain

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