How are you paying?

Before any clinic appointments, investigations or treatment, you will be given a written professional fee quotation and any relevant codes to pass on to your sponsor or insurer. It is essential you contact them before coming in for any treatment because some may not authorise retrospective claims, which could leave you with large bills.

We are recognised by all UK insurers so, depending on the terms of your policy, you can normally expect a significant contribution towards your medical fees. However, it is important you understand that the responsibility for paying for any investigation or treatment you have lies with you.

In common with most healthcare providers we routinely ask for payment card details to secure a booking for clinic or theatre.

If your insurers do not pay our fees in full you will be required to settle any difference, and we may ask you to pay your medical fees yourself before we can treat you. We will then give you a receipt that you can pass onto your insurance company or sponsor.

We routinely allow 30 days for the settlement of any outstanding amount and if we have to use debt recovery services any extra costs will be added to the amount you have to pay. 

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