Urgent Spine Clinic

We specialise in treating spinal problems. For urgent referrals we can see patients, make a full clinical assessment, get MRI and CT, and give precision image-guided spinal injections within as little as 24 hours of referral. 

More than 95% of patients with painful back and neck problems, including trapped nerves, don’t need surgery. We do all the necessary workup and assessment and in the rare event a patient does need urgent surgery we have fast access to the best surgeons in the country, and we can make sure they see the best surgeon for their problem. 

If you or your patients have acute spinal problems, with our without radicular symptoms, call 0207 486 0808 at any time.

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NeuroSpine and Complex Spine Clinics

These clinics are for patients with painful neurological or complex spinal problems, such as patients with peripheral nerve injuries or those who still have pain after spinal surgery.

NeuroSpine and Complex Spine patients may require advanced imaging modalities such as SPECT-CT and may need advanced treatments such as implanted neuromodulation, which is often known as spinal cord stimulation.

We are one of the country's leading private centres for spinal cord stimulation and implanted neuromodulation. Call 0207 486 0808 today if you have a painful peripheral nerve problem or if you still have pain after spinal surgery.


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