Urgent Spine Clinic

This service is run by leading Consultants in central London. Patients with neck or back pain don't need to wait months to see a Consultant in the NHS, or weeks to see some Consultants privately. We can see patients within 24 hours of referral, get any imaging done that's necessary, make a full assessment, and formulate a treatment plan. Remember that ninety percent of patients with back and neck problems, including trapped nerves, don't need surgery, so we can treat almost all your patients within a couple of days. 

We have good two-way referral relationships with London's leading spinal and neurosurgeons and can get your patients through triage and treatment quicker than you can. If your patients need surgery we'll tell them, tell you, and refer them to the most appropriate surgeon for their problem. 

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About the Urgent Spine Clinic

The clinic is run by Dr. Nigel Kellow MB BS FRCA, a leading specialist in painful spinal, skeletal, and neurological problems.  Dr. Kellow studied in London, Oxford, Cambridge, and Paris before being appointed as a Consultant at Barts and the London NHS Hospitals. He has an MBA from the London Business School and has worked with a number of health technology startups. His main interest is the use of percutaneous image guided procedures to treat painful spinal, skeletal, and neurological conditions.


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